Thursday, May 07, 2009

a whole new world

perhentian 30apr to 6may:

here is the whole gang bang from my cell consisting of fresh-from-the-oven 10 new divers and some existing pros. except for merv, the guy in black tshirt behind, one of our DM; and Ben, DM-on-training, carrying his daughter, lele.

the guy with tattoo on the left is my instructor, cum owner of bubble dive resort - ronnie. he builds a play pan next to the dive centre for his almost two-years-old kid. what can i say, he is a really cool guy. oh ya, 'the wees'... look what he is wearing around his neck. i think i want to get one of those for my hand. the blackT guy on the other hand, quit his job and is staying on this island as a DM for a season (8months). that is courage.

here we go!!!

i am on the far right. survived the underwater.

i am back, certified. satisfied.

all photos courtesy of of kevin and adele.

the 5 days just past by so fast, i wished i had more time to read, to moonbath under the stars, journal, nap and just chill out with my friends. it is beyond my wildest dream to even imagine doing this. wouldnt have taken this step without all of you, thank you for giving me courage and lending me strength.

i could not help but feel the strong presence of God that comes with the wind everyday. it makes me think, maybe i am meant to live on a island.


Anonymous said...

U are a diver!! I'm so jealous!! cos i wanna do it but i chicken ...

chaiyen said...

oiii... i dunno why i actually had this impression you are one. anyway not difficult. if i can survive, you can :)