Sunday, April 05, 2009

seoul korea: day5 korean folk village

this is such a yummy plate of nissin noodle. dry hot spicy. i ordered this the next day, after i see the couple eating them.

suwoi korean folk village, a very huge architectural place. in fact a lot of local and families just spend their weekend here.

they really make sure this place is filled with the local culture. old uncles really stay here and do their daily thing. their dedication amazes me. like seriously, does he need to really sow the seed? like we actually know he is faking it or not. but this makes the place really warm and cozy with their presence.

she is so cute.

it is just a short distance, i took a while to walk out there and back. i think the guy who took the photo for me cannot stop laughing.

this is the set where the series dang jae gum was filmed.

i happily dragged those uncles to take photo for me. i guessed i gave them the other tourist the idea. uncle freak out and quickly walked away mumbling some korean words. super funny.


this is where i got those small little cakes. this is a famous local bakery.

ox tongue, gosh yummy...

jinjinbang, the local hot bath.

more photos of day5 here.

who i met
cy: hey, where is the hot sauna
girl: i dont think they have it here.
cy: oh, so there only hot bath here.
girl: yah...
cy: are you local, you speak very well in english.
girl: yah, i did my high school in england. where are you from?

there goes my long explanation of singapore and malaysia. it was a long pleasant talk. she is a really sweet girl.

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