Monday, January 05, 2009

new year resolution

i dont normally have a habit of setting resolutions. but i come to realise i fail to achieve much the last few years. so here is just a random list-of-things-i-want-to-attain this year.

1. reactivate the phone line with God. do devotion daily and start journaling once more
2. copy notes during church service again
3. start reading again. would like to begin with completing odyssey and tale of two cities from last year
4. run twice a week (after i buy my shoes)
5. go for at least one beach and another city holiday
6. watch more movies
7. do better in college
8. work harder, earn more money
9. save my targeted amount
10. stay carefree

several of my spa beauticians told me the last few days that i have high tolerance for pain. maybe because to me, physical pain is always more bearable than emotional pain. at least that was how i comfort myself the other day when i had a very bad stomach ache due to diarrhoea. it was so painful, the worst i ever felt, i started tearing and curling up myself. amidst that i had a conversation with HIM:
cy: God this is the most terrible pain i ever had... can u take it away.
GOD: you mean more painful than heartache?
cy: ohhh yahh... no, that is worst. suddenly i think this is more bearable. put me to sleep and make me well after i wake up, i've got loads of work to finish up. (i took some pills, doss off and really woke up well)

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