Tuesday, January 13, 2009

money can't buy love

there is this myth that the more extravagant your wedding day and guest list is, the lower the chance of divorce. it is said that couple that made their vow in the midst of many witnesses feel a greater responsibility to sustain their marriage.

hollywood celebrities took it really seriously. with wedding gown that cost more than a regular wedding in malaysia (i havent even convert the exchange rates), flowers that can buy two houses in pj (after converting it should come out to about 6 houses), and yes it shouldnt surprise you they burn-away 150,000 on fireworks.

but looks like the thread is strong enough to keep the dress together but not the marriage, not only that, the most expensive wedding in hollywood seems to be one of the shortest living marriage. 40 percent of the couples from that list ultimately split.

my best wishes to my two most beloved couples Beckham-Victoria and Tom-Katie. may your friendship last and may you both spur each other towards strong family and marriage.

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