Saturday, September 29, 2007


one who has a compulsive and unrelenting need to work.

actually. i don't really understand that word. i always claim that im not because i don't love work. i love my life more. it is more like if im force to do a job then i love my freelance design job. but if given a choice, i rather watch dvds (having said that i had not do my grey's and prison break3, sleep, journal and read.

but im just thinking maybe the urge and the compulsion to finish my work. if that sense of responsibility is it, then i am. that qualifies me in the category of workaholic. usually i am but now im not only that but im overworked.

signs im officially overwork:
1. i dont even have 4 hours of sleep some days. i wake up at 5am almost everyday regardless of what time i sleep
2. my whole extended family wanted to celebrate my birthday for me. so they all left me to finish my work and gathered at mid valley to shop first. that is definitely not a brilliant idea because i was dealing with my printer till pass 2pm so they all end up having a party without the birthday girl. i felt terrible and bought all of them lunch the next day.
3. i rush out of my house everyday
4. i go to at least two to three offices a day
5. i skip lunch and dinner like nobody business, given the time i rather sleep
6. i feel like im drunk when i drive (floating). i can't even think which junction to take, yes even familiar roads. so now i practice thinking aloud. and... i kiss the car in front of me. really slowly... my car rolled and touched her car. the fanatic woman came out and screamed at me behind my window. yes before even looking at her own car. but anyway it was so soft, no damage done to both our cars. but i guess that is a warning!
7. i still receive calls for job and im finally learn to decline. i can't handle any more
8. i start to feel like i dont want to work anymore. im not enjoying my design work like i did few months ago
9. i took forever to upload my japan photos
10. im left my master keys at the door and when to bed

despite all that, everday i never fail:
1. to drink a cup of starbucks latte
2. join my different colleagues for meals
3. to leave my house with foundation to cover my dark circles
4. to laugh and talk to ppl
5. to eat my chocolate, cruchie (and yes even vitamin B complex cannot help me stop mouth ulser)

call me crazy but thus far at least ppl still like me, that's probably the very reason im still in it


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