Friday, September 14, 2007

tokyo myth no1: japanese have small eyes

if you still have this perceptions they have small eyes and look horrible... you are so wrong. they all look so good... i officially name this "the land of the good looking ppl". i don't care it is the makeup or fake eye lashes extension. the girls look hot, and it is not the short skirts. surprisingly, they all look pretty decent. not to mention the tall, tanned, well dressed up cute guys. gosh i need a bib *drool*.


nothing quite like it
1. interesting architecture with colourful signages
shinjuku sanchome
shinjuku sanchome street
above photo by steph
shinjuku architecture
above photo by steph

2. a whole new way of ordering your food in a restaurant
put in the coins; press for the coupon; pass it to the waiter. this way, you will never get your order wrong
cool machine
above photo by steph

3. raw egg on rice
yes though i lhad tried and always love cafe cartel's raw egg on cabonara. now i just feel like throwing a raw egg on all my food... yum yum
my lunch
raw egg yum yum
above photo by steph

4. as mention on the title, the cute guys
so i came out with a great excuse to talk to those guys.
map and directions
cy: excuse me, may i know where is my city?
guy: *look perplexed but still cute*
cy: *show map and point*
guy: arghh... here... shinjuku south exit. my city... *he shaked his head and smile and thinking very hard*
cy: here, south exit? so my city should be down there. is it?
guy: *smile cutely...* maybe... maybe
cy: *faint faint* thank you very much
guy: hai... *smile*

5. stalls selling food you have never seen before
steph literally stop and buy from every shop we passed by. im not kidding.
always eating girl

6. muji customise bag
even the muji in singapore doesnt have this. we can customise our shopping bag.
muji chop chop
above photo by steph
muji chop chop2
above photo by steph

7. yes even isetan looks different
isetan2 details
above photo by steph

8. the ideas on the shop display are just so new and fresh

9. the train experience
non peak hours vs peak hours
above photo by steph
after work rush2
above photo by steph

10. typhoon sweep through tokyo on the day i landed
it lasted only for one day, so it was quite an interesting experience. the area where we were at is not that bad but you can see the panic in our hotel. everyone was surfing the net checking the weather. here is the news. though we reached the entrance of disneyland we decided it is not worth it to go in there. yes, though we were right at the door step. that close.
tokyo disneyland
the mickey train2
above photo by steph
the mickey train5
above photo by steph

drama of the day
typhoon sweeping through tokyo when im there

statement of the day
"i know ppl always tell me, im so skinny the wind will blow me away. for the first time in my life, i actually believe it just might because i felt the wind forcing my body forward as i walked back to the hotel in the rain" chaiyen

that was day1. more day1 photos on my flickr, it just gets better. but for now i need to go back to my work. goodness, it is already 4am


Unknown said...

I love the lantern pics and also that shot of Steph looking at that streetmap :D


Now I'm waiting for day 2 till day 5. Hehehe...

deJelly said...

no pictures of those hot Japan people you were talking about??

= (

deJelly said...


i thought your name sounded familar!!
saw it in KennySia's blog...

All the best in the MixFM thing..
= )

chaiyen said...

yes anna... i still havent get started on day2. tonight. tonight. sorry jelly, im not sure i got the photo of the hot ppl. will try to circle them up.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...makes me wanna visit far-east. I wanna go Korea and Japan. Nice...

Anonymous said...

haha u're bringing back all my memories from my tokyo trips! i wanta go back!!!!!

chaiyen said...

jon, i want to go korea too hehehe...

:) elaine, i still have photos

Steph Tan said...

Guess wat!!
Wide awake at 2am and suddenly i started missing Tokyo...hahaa.
I'm glad that u blog this trip and lots of sweet memories coming back while i'm reading it ;)

So, actually we can be quite a good travelling buddy. I love the trip preparation part and u love blogging..haha.