Thursday, September 20, 2007

tokyo myth no3: the escalators are faster in japan

that is so not true. although it is true they are a lot of ppl in tokyo. its escalator is definitely slower than those in spore. the train interchange is so so big. just the thought of walking to the other train wears us off. waiting for the escalator to carry us from one point to the other seems like forever.

10 things we don't have in malaysia

1. cool macdonald's breakfast
yes i mentioned. we don't have cool macdonalds food like this. not to mention the 'M' on our burger. this is layered of pancake with maple syrup and bacon and cheese as the feeling. what a scrumptious breakfast. arghh... just the thought of it.

ok we might have this... but it is just so yummy i need to show you.

2. we won't have dustbin like this in macdonalds
because we wont even throw everything in one bin now. don't even think that we will separate the trash.

photo by steph

3. we don't have distilled water from the tap

4. we don't have as many helpful ppl around
the day we arrived. just that one straight 10mins route from the train station to the hotel. two strangers volunteeringly ask us "do you need any help?" one after another. and we felt like angels directed us to our hotel. then throughout our trip. a few passer by actually offered to take photos for us "you two, take photo together?" i mean of course in kl, we are taught never to trust a stranger. who knows he will run away with our camera. but really they are really impressive. this is one of those helpful uncle.

this is the photo he took for us after a good 5 mins holding it. ok he tried, we only met one of such weird ppl. others just talk to themselves in public. ok... one chase us in and out the train.

5. we don't get cute buses like this

photo by steph

6. we don't have such a nice architectural museum

photo by steph

photo by steph

photo by steph

7. we don't get such a crowd even in spore train station

photo by steph

8. we don't get such a big crowd of good looking ppl

photo by steph

yes even the policeman looks younger and cuter. ok... i know the some sporean police looks good too.

and the kids are goodness cute

photo by steph

9. we don't get such hard boil egg with half boil yoke

photo by steph

10. we won't ever have such a hanger behind our sits because the bag will surely not be there after we finish our meal

photo by steph

drama of the day
i worked in japan. yes in fact 80% of the september hello! issue 9, i finished it in japan. i don't know how i did it but i rest more than usual. somehow i just woke up very early every morning. steph was saying she felt horrible i slept later than her but wakes up earlier than her every morning. honestly i think it is God.

photo by steph

statement of the day
"hey, our taste (for guys) are the same when we are here. it means that we both know what is good looking. just that when we are in malaysia. we both compromise some things and i guessed we compromise different things, thus the different taste." chaiyen


Anna-Rina said...

omigawdddd! those japanese boys look sooooo yummyyyyy!!! *droooollllll*

on another note, you and Steph punya pics are getting better and better. wheeeee!!

buy dSLR fast fast! then we can all go shoot those cute Jap boys together-gether. Heheheeh....

Or maybe we can organise model shoots like Dinesh does, only with male models.

*ham sup laugh* ;p

chaiyen said...

haha... yah the guys are cute. honestly we were to shy to shoot them direct. thanks for your comments on our photos. would love a slr but to think about it, a bit to heavy to travel around. we dont have muscles like you. shoot guy models. count me in. i rubbed some oil on them hahahah....

Pocahontas said...

all the hot hot and good looking guys. you never bring me. IF ONLY I WAS THERE. aarrgghhh.

chaiyen said...

hahahah so cute :)