Thursday, June 17, 2010

the days without you by jill xu

The road home seems far, it's a pity words are few
In a single-person dinner, the flavor is only loneliness
At my side, I see the movie repeating, a frame of us
Why do these eyes that choose to avoid it all still cry tears?

Loving you everyday, you are my world
At that time, I still thought I would only love this once
The days without you, happiness seems so far away from me
My heart has already left with you, so I can't feel much right now?

I can't bear to open my eyes, afraid that you're not by my side
Perhaps in dreams, the distance between us is the closest
I miss your warm palms, I'm embraced by a cold wind
When winter comes again, how will this temperature continue?

Hey it's me
You know it's rainin' outside right now
Remember back in the days, when we use to run around in the rain
and just get wet like that, that was back in the days
You know, leaving you was the toughest thing I had to do
It's not what I want, I know we'll meet again
I miss you, goodbye

Thank you for having loved me, giving me a most beautiful memories*
But life loves to be deprived, how should I walk this road ahead alone?

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