Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my new baby

my new baby, MalaysiaForHaiti.org

Please donate. help me do some user testing test if you are a designer. and leave your comment here. thanks

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orilia said...

Hi Chai Yen,
sorry i havent been able to post a user test on this.

Good job for the great cause you're doing. :)
I think overall, I didn't have any problems going through the site.

But here's some points to feed on:
1. At the "Haiti News" page, you might want to make the death toll more stand out if it's more important so that ppl can see that first.

2. Also on the landing page, I think it could be better if it has a header or description or some call for action buttons. Cos when I first landed on the page it felt a bit like a photo gallery page and it didn't quite give out enough info on what the site is about, unless i watch the video. So i was a bit lost for a few seconds on what this was about. Probably should have some highlight news in the main page as well.

3. The grid for some of the pages with the photo at the top right felt a bit weird at times. I think it's put at an odd position that doesn't quite follow the eye flow.

4. I wish it had a button where I can tweet about this on twitter. :D

Btw, typo on the contact link..i believe it should be "Contact Us" XD

and also, some bug u might want to fix... i clicked on "How to donate" and then FAQ, but the navigation crumbs indicates that I'm at the "Sponsors" page.

That's all! Hope this helps! Way to go!!