Thursday, February 18, 2010

the rhythm

waking up in a quiet nice room on the 12th floor with nice breeze that blows to my face. cuddling on bed with my book, follow by some reflection and journaling. with no one around, no phone calls and no itinerary. that sounds like a retired life we all desired. having unending supply of green apple green tea bubble tea, salted vege pork soup, beef with cheese pepper lunch. yes, i wasted no time and i did consume all that over one lunch and again the next few days.

im not exactly a shopping person. i dont do it weekly, neither do i feel the urge to shop when im about my own business. but periodically i will do so and that will last me a good period of time. i love walking from shop to shop, trying out clothes, swiping my debit card, carrying loads of shopping bags proving how fruitful my day is. it is really very therapeutic. i dont normally go for brands, aside from the price tag more so because i hate the fact that the whole streets are wearing them. i love original design. i love things that are trendy now but i cant get in kl with affordable price. so for the most part of my life, i shop oversea like bangkok, singapore or on my other trips. fareast mall seems to fulfill that criteria very well.

i love chilling out with friends at cafe having my cuppa coffee, doing people watch while eating my rum and raisins cheesecake. especially fond of listening to my itunes, enjoying the train ride home all by myself. not to forget my favourite part, laying down at the playground slide in the middle of the night under the moving clouds and ever faithful shining stars. listening to the voice in my heart and uttering that little prayer my faith can gather.

i love the rhythm of singapore. i miss that a lot.

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