Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sacredness of a diary

i met up with my ex the other day.

he: is this your diary? (he snatches it from the table)
me: give it back to me! (i try to grab it back)
he: just let me read a little... (he fanatically go through the pages, barely read anything. thank God for my hideous and small handwriting)
me: (i finally successfully snatch it back)
he: so anyone read your diary before?
me: erm... yah my last ex bf (recalling the amount arguments we actually had just because i showed him my diary)
he: that is not fair... you never let me read
me: really? you never ask (actually i dont remember, it was like what 12 years ago)
he: i did, and you say it is your privacy. that is not fair, so not fair...

i found that amusing, my ex bf is jealous of my ex bf. oh yah, and he is already married. so cute.

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