Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer scent

it was freezing cold especially in the morning and night, thanks to the rain. that was the exact weather i remembered the last time i was in korea. absolutely breathtaking and i never imagine i will chance into this. sipping tea from a glass restaurants, on top of a hill overlooking such a view. i cannot stop thinking of the scenery in the korean drama summer scent. plus the glass house reminded me of my dream house. with such combination... what can i say, i wish i have someone to keep me warm. i wish i can wake up every morning and see this site from my balcony.

this heavenly place is where i spent my weekend. no not another trip to korea, though it feels almost foreign. though me myself dont really feel like i was in malaysia, it is indeed here in cameron.

the land flowing with strawberries. so i had strawberry strudel, strawberry with ice cream,strawberry crepe, strawberry for lunch and supper. sorry i couldnt bring them back, they didnt survive the weather.

to end the freaking cold night with hot steamboat is just perfect.

it was a good time with my family.

ps: im not the only one comparing summer scent and cameron highlands, check this out. so wei min, i guess i found you your location set for the making-of-your-first-korean-drama.

totally unrelated but yah if ur free. i can never forget this dancing scene from summer scent.

background music, Summer Scent OST: DOO BUN JAE SARANG (Second Love) by Seo Jin Young, BI MIL (Secret) by Jung In Ho, UH JJUN MYUN (Maybe) by Seo Jin Young


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