Saturday, February 28, 2009

when busy get crazy

from today till next weekend:

1. i have two weddings to attend
2. guide two couples thru their wedding planning/program
3. design a wedding invite and lots of prep for another wedding

4. webpage design: convert at least 3 pages of my artwork to dreamweaver
5. 1 minute flash video: suppose to complete all my frames. 20 frame per second means 1200 frames (faint!)

6. half a magazine to do
7. proposal for a coffee table book
8. 3 other small jobs to follow up

9. 2 different friends from singapore that i really want to meet up

sorry, there are just so many thing... i need to list it down to decide which to do first. the funny thing is, none of it is a chore. i am looking forward to do all of it, i only wish i have more than a week to do all this. now BREATHE.


Anonymous said...

Yea.. One of the wedding is mine..muahahahaa.

Thank you so much!

Really hope that you can enjoy the dinner during my wedding reception but i guess that you are the best and most affordable floor manager that i can afford ;)


chaiyen said...

im not complaining... im dying to help you. i have waited for ages for your wedding. my pleasure. didnt believe u still have time to check my blog though.

Steph Tan said...

hehehe... anyway, thanks!
This is called wedding life balance ;)
I believe we all had a great time