Friday, December 28, 2007

work hard, play hard

i told you i was still playing hard despite the busy schedules. in fact more crazy. show you some proof.

"i think raymond (husband now) underestimated you girls, he said it is ok... they are church girls." said cheryl the bride-to-be, our victim of the night.

of course you have crazy chaiyen... but trust me, i was just participating. im not the mastermind of this whole thing. it is normally planned by the married women cause they can max their evil-ness and know that revenge will never come their way. ok dressed up, we are ready to go!

and we thought she is a shy girl, till she started approaching ppl. these are just some of the photos... the rest are not suitable for public viewing. but then besides our cameras there were loads of ppl with camera around that were snapping non stop. for a moment she felt like a celebrity.

she sold all of it, though it wasn't easy dealing with uncles that claim they dont' know how to use it, or young boy that shy away (he is probably on his first date with the girl hahaha) but overall ppl were very supportive. that is a surprise to me yes but we were smart to approach our target as well.

it is a tuesday night so it is pretty hard to find cute guys and moving on to laundry didnt really make it any better. so we just went for our ever cutest guy, marcus. (of course he was reluctant to let us shave him, all these look-conscious-guy... but we promised to shave with the cover on. so in a way we just mess him up). yes, that is how we reward him, the manager that buy us girls one round of shots.

looking for a guy to put lipstick on was tough. we were careful to approach better looking guys because we know what follows after. to which one told us "i will not do it, im divorce." like who cares... so unsporting weird fella. anyway we gave up with cute guys... so we just went for whoever was willing.

and tadahh we are done. too much laughters and we were really, really tired.

the wicked girls, these are my cell girls. this is what we do without the guys. with the guys... we eat. and i mean we eat really a lot.

following this, we didn't let the guys have an easy way through the doors for the 'chip san leong'. im officially good with hens night and chip san leong. who is next muahahahaha s****!

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