Saturday, December 01, 2007

love comes with complication

today one of my friend is going for to a registrar to certify her marriage without the knowledge of her mum because she knows the mum will disapprove. will be attending a wedding later of which the bride again struggled through her whole relationship because her husband is of a different race. will be attending another wedding at the end of the year, this girl is marrying her best friend ex bf. this wasnt such a great deal except that she dated him shortly after they broke off. so now she definitely going to face the judgemental eyes of some during her wedding.

my question? love is complicated enough isn't it?

it took us forever to find someone we love.
it took forever to find someone that feels the same.
then it takes another forever to find a guy that is willing to settle down and wants to take care of you for the rest of your life.

and we thought that is tough enough. then we realised we still have to find someone that our parents and friends like. at the end we try to do the latter and forget about the formal. today i wish all these friends of mine.

cheers to true love.

love is complicated but maybe it is there to test the love you claimed you have. not that i want the disapproval of my parents and friends, i hope that comes. but i think nothing beats the feeling of finding one that will stand through these wars with you.

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