Saturday, December 29, 2007

the price of being popular

"i'm not easy to forget but i'm hard to remember" elizabethtown

the thing about being popular is everybody never forget me and my name. whether junior, senior, schools i studied for a year and two. places i stay and work for a year or two. plus i had changed my abode a few times – i had stayed in kl, US, singapore and subang in different season of my life. i attended 1 kindergarden, 2 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, one college, 2 churches, 3 companies in singapore, many i freelanced in kl. i had many cliques every season of my life. the price for all this is i get invited for weddings of ppl that i never even meet the whole duration of time since school days. i try not to look at the half empty glass and consider the half full. it is a priviledge ppl never forget me and i will always try to enjoy that honour by attending and catching up with old friends.

tonight, i attended a wedding of a friend i never meet since college. the couples were college mates but both were dating different person then. life. life. life. the food were not that fantastic but the ambience was breathtaking. im waiting for my friends to email me the photos. meanwhile just take a peep at the wallpaper first.

a photo with our formal 'miss the one'

this is the open upper deck of the cruise

my college friends
another wedding, im not disturbed... miss THE ONE ACADEMY is not attach too and she says she is not in a hurry. also im her junior so that gives me wings to fly.

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