Sunday, April 05, 2009

seoul korea: day3 namsan and myeon-dong

my lunch, nissin noodles. i just went in to one of this small korean restaurant near my hotel.

im suppose to take a bus from here to seoul tower, but then i took the wrong turn and stumbled into this very nice namsan architectural place. i like traveling alone, i have no fix itinerary to follow so im going in there.

ohh, look! there is this glass house next to it. meaning from the roof top you can lie down there to see stars at night. forgive me, i have a thing for glass house.

i can see that dude with a big slr struggling with the imperfection of my camera. "one more", he insisted.

this place reminds me of the edo-tokyo architectural museum. but this is a small version of it, im going to a very big one on my last day.

i always think that you only see flowers like this in the outskirt of korea. oh no... it is all over. but what i do not expect is my mickeymouse camera can take such a nice shot :)

if you do not believe me that the win is strong, you see for yourself, the whole tent fell apart.

it feels like you can see the tower from almost everywhere in town. im heading there next.

so i shall take yellow bus no2 and it should bring me right to the top of the hill. meantime let me show you the view of from the street. girls here can leave the house just wearing a thin stockings like this, oh wait the students here dont even need stockings.

oooh gosh, i got cheated. the bus dont bring me right to the doorstep of seoul tower. i actually need to climb this very steep hill. so now how, go back down with the bus or climb this??? it is so dark and i dont even see the end of it.

this funny fat korean dude is running left to right in front of me. he is panting like mad, making weird sounds like oooohh... aiyahhhh... i think he is trying to workout. very entertaining like some korean games show, hahah.. ohh... finally i see the tower. maybe i should call this dude to take a photo for me, i know he needed the excuse to stop and rest.

wahh, im finally up here. look at the nice beautiful road i conquered.

ladies and gentleman, "presenting to you seoul tower". this is where they recorded quite a few episodes of the famous series of "my lovely sam soon".

but you know what, i have no time to go in. so let's forget about going in since i can see the whole city view from out here. and i am taking the cable car down. hehe... nice. this place is seriously a perfect place for paktoh-ing. i like.

why the rush, yah because im meeting my cousin in town for dinner. shabu shabu time.

loads of meat...

and this is my favourite. some fish cake thing with melting cheese inside... aggghhh. i finished the whole plate of that.

myeon-dong shopping area to me is like the shibuya shopping area in tokyo. with loads of big brands like 3 floors of forever 21 but it is not cheaper than kl. my cousin said it is cheaper than singapore though.

and yes 3 floors of starbucks too.

more photos of day3 here.

who i met
so in the cable car, these two blokes were conversing very loudly in english. i cannot help but automatically started eavesdropping the whole conversation. after we come out of the cable car, the korean guy told his friend "it is only a 15 minutes walk down to myeon-dong". that really got my attention and i unashamedly approached him.
cy: hey, did i hear you say, you know the way down? can i follow you guys down?

fortunately i did, i dont think i can make my way down myself. so they introduced themselves and all. they know each other when studying in the states. woki (spelled like that i supposed) is playing tour guide to his friend jack (if i remember correctly) and his family. they even get free accommodation from him. that is nice. they also went to jeju island where i wish i have time to go. but this is the more dramatic part, jack is from malaysia and he stays in pj. what?? of all the place in the world. so my cousin spend the rest of the night teasing me saying this must be fate. whatever if he is cuter i will think of that as fate, probably cant even sleep thinking about it. but it is nice talking to them nevertheless.


Steph Tan said...

The shabu shabu looks gooooood!!!
Are those pork slices?? *slurp ;o

chaiyen said...

yup. apparently their meat is so thin and kept in freezer so they curl.

chaiyen said...

ohh noo, it is beef. i fancy beef more hehhe...