Thursday, April 02, 2009

seoul korea: day2 cheonggyecheon river and insa-dong

1. cheonggyecheon river, dongdaemun station

a lot of ppl hangout in this place, just that probably it is a bit cold now. still i found a couple jumping across the river on these stones, taking photos and laughing all the way. there on cloud nine, it seems like love kept them warm. like how the movie shopaholic puts it, "love is like a butter melting on a hot toast" (warm)

i have to be in the photo right. so i ask that very lovely couple to take for me.

yes after the many attempts of trying to take a photo for myself. i come to conclusion that i do not have the talent of cam whoring, like anna. i gave up, my hand is freezing... i cannot feel the button anymore. so i just take the palace le.

one thing i found out, all asian countries - tokyo, hongkong, bangkok - we all have one thing in common: traffic jams.

so that you dont get confuse at the subway. just learn these two signs. yellow sign "way out" is to get out of the place. thereafter you have 6-8 exits, so if you do your prep and find out earlier exactly which exit is nearest to your destination, that will be good. you dont want to come out on the opposite of the road. the rest of the arrow is for transfer to another line. there are about 30 or more interchange and 8 subway lines. so there is no one way, just use a route that requires the less interchange. as for me, i use back the same few interchange so that i can close my eyes and still know which side to take. i have to say by the second to third day, i was already reading a book. it does mean ive got pretty good at it :)

2. insa-dong

i found mina, she is a korean church friend from malaysia. she went back for good half a year ago. she is my kind tour guide for the night.

this thing is hot and nice especially under such cold weather. RECOMMENDED!

according to mina, there are a few stores selling this thread looking sweet thingin, but this is the first shop here and known to be the best. i dont understand why they have screenshot of movies with them eating this sweet all over. does that provoke ppl to buy? hehe maybe.

this building has shops that sell a lot of handmade items. i think the price is quite reasonable especially things like pretty journals and all. accessories is a bit pricey when i compare it with bangkok, so i didnt get any.

in order for korea to be as romantic as portrayed in those korean movies, they have to have a lot of dreamy things like this. a piece of art for them to write their wishes. and this one below, translated by mina says: "by 14 february next year i want get attached"
*DISCLAIMER: i didnt write that.

she brought me to one this very authentic korean house for dinner. very nice ambience, thus very expensive meal as well. yes i mean very expensive for one platter of food. W80,000, like rm200 plus.

on our way back to the subway station, we saw a massive crowd surrounding a store. the queue looks like one of those jco doughtnuts queue (or longer). 30% storewide for all beauty products. as if their beauty products is not already 1/3 our price. of course i joined the craze.

more photos of day2 here.

who i met
usually in malaysia, lift puts us in a very weird position. we either look down to the ground or look up to the figures up there to check which floor we are to avoid striking eyes contact with anyone. somehow when im on holiday it seems like it is a place where conversation begins.
x: you are here for a holiday?
cy: yah...
x: nice. im here for work, i'll grab a quick breakfast and go. you enjoy your day.

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