Sunday, June 02, 2013

true love

You don't want to experience true love
Because once you stumble upon it
You will know all the rest is not the real thing

Do we choose to love or do love choose us?
How is loving one seems so easy and effortless?
Yet another so hard and so trying?

Can one ever experience a love greater than true love
Can one actually feel true love without the other feeling the same
Will one, one day discover that this great feeling is not true love just yet

Will one truly be happy if her true love finds another true love
If not what kind of love is that?
But if true love actually finds another does it mean that love never actually existed at all


Anonymous said...

so cheem :) thot ur blog was dead oredi! hehe - guess who/singapore

chaiyen said...

who is this?

the beauty of it to pen things here thinking maybe no one read it anymore :)

Unknown said...

Great post! it was really moving to read and conveyed a very strong message. I enjoyed reading it and it helped me see what true love is or has the potential to be. Good Job

Unknown said...

It remain tough. chaiyen

Laura @Travelocafe said...

Lovely... really nice...

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