Monday, July 07, 2008


this year, i try to bring order back into every area of my life. i started keying in all my daily expenses here. it has surely helped me save my targeted amount by using within the budget i set. i went holiday last week and it did interrupt my saving plan quite a bit. nevertheless im still determine to save the amount i had set.

lately i started keeping a time chart to calculate my value per hour which looks like this.

i do not have sufficient data to calculate that yet so that's not the point of this entry. im sure it will not surprise anyone that im a nocturnal person. yes, that explains the non shaded columns in the day (middle). the two colours represent my two clients. i was taken aback that not only i dont work on most weekends. i actually dont work for more than 8 hours on most days. seriously i do know i have more free time this year, i just didnt know that much. had also cut down on my napping hours, replacing them with reading and work out. since the trip im trying to go to bed early too. it definitely feels good to put order back into my life.

life is bliss for now.

after putting those two areas of my life in order, im surely ready to take in more challenges in my life. im doing my prep, decision time seems to be coming closer to an end.

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