Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the story continues

just when you thought this should be over by now. i mean didn't ppl say if the guy doesn't come back to you after 3 months, they don't.

he said he is not in love with the girl he is now with.
why was he with her in the first place then?

he said he had not move anything in their new house waiting for her to come back.
was it really waiting for her or he just doesn't have the time to fix anything?

he said she is the one and he will definitely not leave her again.
maybe it is true you can only figure that out when you lose a person.

well i guess it is better to have him do you an obvious wrong, apologise and tell you he wants you. then one that once claimed he really loves you but now you don't even see a sign of his existence anymore. i always wonder how can it be such extreme? how can you love one so much in a season of your life and not at all in another? anyway, not that there is an equation for love or an explanation to that. but i guess in this situation, the formal one show that he really had love. i guess that is why we can rejoice in the return of the prodigal son story. then again not that we must love someone that loves us, i guess that is the very same choice given to us by God as well. fact is, too bad he is not Jesus.

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