Tuesday, March 03, 2009

faith of a child

every night samuel and sara will follow their mum to pray this prayer:
"i pray for daddy, mummy, samuel and sara. in jesus name. amen"

one brilliant night, sara added:
"i pray for daddy, mummy, samuel and sara... and baby oranges (she meant the small mandarin oranges she discovered during CNY). in jesus name. amen"

so samuel was inspired, he also added:
"i pray for daddy, mummy, samuel and sara... and cucumber and carrot. in jesus name. amen"

the next morning, her grandma bought a box of baby oranges to their place without the knowledge of their prayers. apparently it is one of carrefour discounted item.

three lessons from prayers of the two-year-old:
1. you do not need to teach a child to ask, we are born self centred
2. prayer of a child can move mountains
3. some prayers are not answered because we do not know what we ask for. for eg: samuel came to my place for lunch, we gave him carrot and he doesnt want it. it was in his prayer prolly because it was the few name of food he knows.