Thursday, February 28, 2008

la trip: day4 disneyland

by halfway we were tired but we persist so that we can capture all these beautiful photos for your pleasure... and mine of course :)

funny how
1. these kids get all changed and lined up for this. was imagining how it looks like if i stand among them with that jedi suit muahahhahh

2. our cute ice cream turned up to be a disaster. cant stop thinking what a stupid idea it is... but i finished it up because it is too expensive. i am way smarter of course to escape from the camera

(she will kill me for posting this photo, but it is really ticklish)

3. they were shivering in the cold because none of us know how to turn the heater on, they were too lazy to move to the next table with the heater on and too embarassed to ask anyone around. couldnt stop laughing thinking how they rather freeze to death

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